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Microfilm, microfiche and micro-cards are pre-digital forms of high-density data storage.

Microfilm is plastic film on which are printed microphotographs of the pages of a book, periodical, etc. It comes on long reels.

Microfiche is a flat piece of film containing microphotographs of the pages of a book, periodical, etc. It looks like a sheet of plastic.
Microcards are similar to microfiche except the information is printed extremely small on cardstock. 

The microform area is located on 1000 North. Special magnifying readers for viewing microfilm and microfiche are available at the Reference Desk. It is possible to copy from microfilm and microfiche.  The machines take Panther Cards or coins, and the cost is $.10 per copy.

A multi-function microform reader, the ScanPro 1000, is also available in the microforms room. This machine is attached to a PC and allows the user to save digital images from microforms to a flash drive. Document images can also be printed on the attached laser printer for ten cents per page.

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