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Education Database Search

This box searches the primary databases related to Education including ERIC, the Professional Development Collection, and PsychINFO.

Search for Articles in ERIC, Professional Development Collection and PsychINFO
Limit Your Results
The discipline of Education is a huge area! If you are starting a research project within this discipline, there are many ways to begin depending on your narrower topic. However, many topics you plan to research start at the same place.

If you want to browse the shelves, Education materials will be primarily found at
  • LA.......History and Philosophy of Education
  • LB.......Theory and Practice of Education; Educational Psychology; School Administration
  • LC.......Special Education; Religious Education; Multicultural aspects; Adult Education; other topics
  • LD-LG..Institutions and Universities by country
  • LH.......College and School Magazines and Papers
  • LJ........Student fraternities and societies
  • LT........Textbooks
  • BF... ...Psychological topics related to education
  • RC.....Special Education as it relates to specific disabilities and chronic conditions
It may be more useful for you to use the library catalog first, to find at least one book about your topic. Then look for that book, paying close attention to the books around the one you found in the catalog.
Finding Books on Your Topic
To begin searching, type in keywords related to your topic. Unlike some web searches, you will do better in an EIU Online Catalog search if you use only important, or key words. If you know an important author in your topic area, try typing in the author's name. If you know the title of an important work, try that title. Be sure to change the button according to your search.

Search Catalog
Finding Articles
Depending on your topic, you may want to choose from a variety of databases related to Education. Look at the Education Database list to discover the database most appropriate for your search. ERIC and the Professional Development Collection will likely provide the most useful articles on your topic. If your topic is psychological in nature, you may want to use Psychology Databases, and in particular PsycInfo and PsycArticles.
Other Resources
Other educational resources may be found on the Education Resources page of the Ballenger Teachers Center website. These resources are organized into a large number of sub-topics.
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