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SPE 5120: Searching Multiple Journals

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Searching Multiple Journals
You can approach searching in multiple, specific journals, in two different ways.

1. Using the ERIC database, select multiple indexed journals to search. ERIC indexes the vast majority of education journals. However, if a journal you want to search is not indexed by ERIC, then you will need to go to Option 2.

2. you will first need to determine in which database platform the journals you want to search are located.

The most common platforms for Special Education journals are EBSCOhost and SAGE Journals.

To determine which platform you need to select, you will want to find your journals of interest in the list of Booth's special topics Education Journals

You can browse or search by journal title. 

EBSCO database products can be search simultaneously and include
  • Academic Search Complete
  • CINAHL Plus with Full Text
  • Communications & Mass Media Complete
  • ERIC
  • Health Source
  • Professional Development Collection

See below for instructions on how to search within specific journals in either EBSCO or SAGE.
Searching Multiple Journals: EBSCO Databases
1. To enter the EBSCO platform, start on the Booth Website on the Articles tab.
Articles Tab

2. Leave the search box blank and click Go.

3. Click on Choose Databases
Choose Databases

3. Select all Databases
Select All

4. Type the title of each journal in quotation marks in a separate box, and from the dropdown menu, select SO Source. Change the ANDs in between journal names to OR. You can add additional boxes using the plus sign to include additional journals or keywords.
Searching Journals

5. Click search.
Searching Multiple Journals: SAGE Journals
Before searching SAGE, compile your complete list of journals you which to search on that platform as described above.

1. To enter SAGE, click on the Journal Titles tab on the Booth Library website and type in the name of one of the journals on your list and click Go.
Journal Titles

2. Notice that even though this journal is available on the EBSCO platform, it is available through 1993-2008. It is available through the 1999-present in SAGE. Depending on what years you are interested in, it might be useful to search this publication on both platforms. For our purposes here, select the SAGE link.
Select SAGE

3. To select multiple journals, click on Advanced Search at the top of the page.
SAGE Advanced Search

4. In the "Published In" box, you can start typing the names of additional journals. As soon as the journal name you want appears in the drop down menu, you can select it.

Type in Additional Journal Names

5. Once you have select all the journals you wish to search, type in your keywords and click search.
Begin Search
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Searching Multiple Journals in ERIC
ERIC (Education Resources Information Center) is the leading index for education-related materials. It indexes a wide variety of journals, including those related to Special Education. 

To select to search specific journals indexed by ERIC, follow these steps:

1. To enter ERIC, click on this link and click Continue.

2. Click on Indexes above the search boxes.

Select ERIC Indexes
3. Where it says Browse an Index, select Journal Title.
Browse an Index - Select Journal Title
4. You can then search for specific journal titles by typing their name in the "Browse for" box, or you can look at all indexed titles by leaving the "Browse for" box empty.
Journal Search
5. Select the journal you would like to add to your search and click Add.

6. The journal title will then appear in the search box at the top of the page. 

7. Repeat Steps 3-5 to add addtional journals. 

8. When you have added all the journals you would like to search, type the word AND into the search box followed by your topic.
Add your search term
​9. Then click Search.