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TEC 5133: Total Quality Management

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Identify Keywords
Before searching for books or journal articles, make sure you have clearly identified your research question. For this assignment, a sample research question may be:

How has the ISO 9000 standard affected implementation of total quality management practices for businesses?

From your question, pick out the core words and/or phrases to use as keywords in your search for books and articles. Using the sample question above, the keywords are:

ISO 9000, total quality management, businesses

Don't stop here! Think of related concepts - synonyms and broader or narrower terms - to use in your searches. For example, in place of the keywords identified above, you might try:

standards, lean manufacturing, corporations

Mix and match your keywords to find more results when using the library catalog and journal article databases.
Find Books
Books will provide information on broader topics than journal articles. When searching for books for this assignment, you may want to use general terms like total quality management or six sigma. Your specific topic may be included as a chapter within a book on total quality management.

Use the EIU Online Catalog Search, located in the right-hand column of this page, to look for books at Booth Library.
EIU Online Catalog basic search for books on total quality management.

You may wish to click on Advanced Search underneath the search box to add more terms to your search.
EIU Online Catalog advanced search for books on total quality management and ISO 9000.
Find Journal Articles
Journal articles provide more focused research than books. You may want to use more keywords and more specific terms when you search in journal article databases to return results that are more relevant to your research question.

For this assignment, the journal article database Business Source Elite is a good one to use. You may also want to try searching in Academic Search Complete and Applied Science and Technology.

Find the above-listed journal article databases on the Booth Library resource page for Technology.

To brainstorm synonyms and related terms, use the database's thesaurus, which is listed at the top of the page in these databases.
Locating and using the thesaurus in Business Source Elite.

You may wish to limit your results by Full Text, Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals, or Publication Date.
Using limiters in Business Source Elite.

Within a record, you are able to click on subject term hyperlinks to find more articles that have been tagged with the selected subject term. This is another way to identify pertinent keywords on which to search.
Using hyperlinked subject headings in Business Source Elite.

The default search is "Select a Field (optional)." You are able to choose from this drop-down menu to search for your keywords in the article Title or Abstract. If you are researching a particular corporation, you may want to search by Company Entity.
Search keywords in Title, Abstract, or Company Entity fields in Business Source Elite.

You are able to copy and paste the APA style citation for an article within these databases. After clicking on an article title in your search results, find the Cite option in the right-hand menu bar. Click on Cite and find the APA citation in the list.
A note of caution: Always check these citations for typos or inaccuracies. You are smarter than the computer!
See the Citations box in the right-hand column of this guide for additional resources for citing in APA format.
Generate a citation in APA format in Business Source Elite.
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EIU Online Catalog Search
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You are asked to use APA style for this assignment. If you use another style, you must be consistent with the style you choose.

Reference the Booth Library APA Style handout for sample citation examples. The Purdue OWL website for APA style provides more detail on this citation format.
Web Resources
Two professional organizations that have information about total quality management are:

American Society for Quality
Chartered Quality Institute (UK)