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BTC: Big Books

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Where are the Big Books Located?
The Big Books are located at the North end of the Ballenger Teachers Center near the kits and boxes. Look for the sign at the top of the shelf that says Big Books. 
Big Books collection
How do I find a Big Book on a specific topic?
You can go about finding a Big Book on a specific topic in a couple of different ways.

1. Browse the shelf. Many students prefer browsing the shelves to find a book of interest. However, the books are shelved by big subjects, and often students are looking for a more abstract and/or narrow topic. If you are looking for a book covering a specific concept (such as hot/cold, sticky, colors, etc.) then browsing might be more time consuming.

2. Search using the library catalog using the search strategy below.​

Search using the Books and Movies tab on the Booth Homepage. Select Ballenger Teachers Center from the list of locations. You will want to begin each new search back on this tab.

Booth Homepage

Look at the facets on the right side of the screen and browse under Location. When we search Hot and Cold, there is not a location that lists BTC Big Books.


On this first try, there were no results, so we will need to tweak our search. Try searching "hot" individually and "cold" individually.


You will need to look at the Location facet again, click on more, and select BTC Big Books.

Location - More
Location: Big Books

There is one result for hot in Big Books and one result for cold.

Big Book Result

You may also want to repeat your search using alternative keywords such as weather, winter, summer, or snow to see what other options we might have. For instance, we have three big books about weather.

Big Book Results for Weather

For trickier concepts, you may need to think outside the box. For sticky, there are no results, so you can brainstorm things that are sticky, such as jelly, jam, baking, cooking etc. Remember, it is always easiest to begin your search on the library homepage on the Books & Movies tab.

Baking Search

Big Book Results for Baking
What is a Big Book?
Big Books are large format picture books. They can be either fiction or non-fiction. Some are written especially for the Big Book format and others are books that are first published in a traditional format and then published in large format for instructional purposes. Big Books are particularly effective when reading to young children because students at the back of a group can see the pictures, and the pictures are larger and more engaging. 
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