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CMN 1310: Library assignment for 1310 instructors

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Instructors: Copy the text below and paste it into the "insert stuff" area in D2L to insert this guide into your D2L class.

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Watch a short video tutorial on embedding library research guides into D2L.

library research assignment instructions
By completing this activity students will be able to:
  1. Identify general information about their speech topic to expand their knowledge and increase their vocabulary about the concept(s) they have chosen.
  2. Use that information to search specialized encyclopedias and scholarly library search-systems (including but not limited to JSTOR, GVRL or EBSCO databases)
  3. Identify credible sources of information for their speeches from journalistic or scholarly publications.
  4. Provide attribution to those sources accurately.
Students new to library research often need an orientation to and instruction on how to use library resources. This activity allows students to “learn by doing” as they are introduced to different research tools in the library and actively search for sources for their informative speech. By the end of the activity students will have at least three sources in hand.
Remind students the class period before this activity that they need to have their Panther Card to check out materials from the library.
Have students meet you in the regular classroom as usual. At the scheduled start time, lead the students to the library reference room. Leave a note on the board in the room directing any late students to the library reference room.
Once in the reference room, introduce yourself to the reference librarian(s) on duty* and tell them your class will be doing some online research for an assignment. (Providing the librarian with an assignment will help them know how to assist students.) Remind students of the information they learned in the previous class about library research and library resources. Point out the reference librarian(s) and explain that they are here to assist with exactly this kind of work. Explain to students that research materials can be printed for free from computers in the reference room. Give students the worksheet (on the next page) and review the instructions. Stay in the reference room to help students as needed and to review and approve students’ research materials as they find them.
The assignment is linked below as a document, but is also avasilable as a Web page:
This instruction page can be retrieved by following this short url:

*If you have arranged for a reference librarian to be present for your class session, they will be in the room and make themselves known to you. Ask Dr. Jones about making arrangements or contact Steve Brantley, Head of Reference Services, 581-7542/

assignment files
Speech assignment : 1310 Informative and Persuasive Assignments docx

Library assignment : 1310 Library active learning assignment docx

Jones catalog search video on You tube: