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Geography: Human Geography, Cultural Geography

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Electronic Reference
Getting started
Review these encyclopedias for basic knowledge and to help craft research questions

Human Geography:  People and the Environment

 Gale Virtual Reference Library
Encyclopedia of Human Geography
By Warf, B.
Gale Virtual Reference Library
The Dictionary of Human Geography
CARLI eBooks from EBL

Note: The Gale Virtual Reference Library (GVRL) and the Sage Knowledge E-reference Collection consist of a tremendous variety of subject specific encyclopedias, and are good places for background information, and to begin searches and gathering resources.
Library Books
Resources for Cultural Geography: Books in Booth Library stacks
This is a guide to selected library resources in Cultural Geography. The guide is organized by the material type: books, electronic books, reference books and electronic reference materials. For research in the scholarly literature of Cultural Geography, (journal articles) refer to the list of databases appropriate for research in Geography

Title:  Globalization and Media:  Global Village of Babel
Author:  Lule, J.
Location: Book Stacks (1st floor)
Call Number: P94.6 .L845 2012
The Sociolinguistics of Globalization
By Blommaert, J.
Book Stacks (1st floor)
P130.5 .858 2010
Approaches to Human Geography
By Aitken, S.C.
Book Stacks (3rd floor)
GF41 .A67 2006
Conducting Research in Human Geography:  Theory, Methodology, and Practice
By Kitchin, R.
Book Stacks (3rd floor)
GF21 .K58 2000x
Human Geography:  Landscapes of Human Activities
By Fellmann, J.D.
Book Stacks (3rd floor)
GF41 .F44 2005

Qualitative Research Methods in Human Geography
By Hay, I.
Book Stacks (3rd floor)
GF21 .Q83 2000
The Introductory Reader in Human Geography:  Contemporary Debates and Classic Writings
By Moseley, W.G., Lanegran, D.A., and Pandit, K.
Book Stacks (3rd floor)
GF41 .I576 2007
Books in Booth about Human Geography published in the last five years.
Reference Materials
Reference books (print, 3rd floor)
Title:  Dictionary of Human Geography
Call Number:  GF4 .D52 2000
Encyclopedia of the World’s Minorities
GN495.4 .E63
Encyclopedia of Race and Ethnic Studies
By Cashmore, E.
GN495.6 .C37 2004
Encyclopedia of Food and Culture
GT2850 .E53 2003
The Greenwood Encyclopedia of Daily Life
GT31 .G74 2004
Encyclopedia of World Dress and Fashion
GT507 .E54 2010
Material Culture in America:  Understanding Everyday Life
GN560 .U6 M37 2008
Countries and Their Cultures
GN307 .C68
Encyclopedia of Cultural Anthropology
GN307 .E52 1996
Ethnic Groups Worldwide
GN325 .L46 1998
Worldmark Encyclopedia of Cultures and Daily Life
By Gall, T.
GN333 .W67 2009
Electronic Books
E-Books from the library (login required off campus) 

Title:  Making Human Geography
Author:  Cox, K.R.
Location:  CARLI eBooks from EBL
Human Geography:  People, Place, and Culture
By Fouberg, E.H.
CARLI eBooks from EBL
Key Texts in Human Geography
By Hubbard, P.
CARLI eBooks from EBL
The Dictionary of Human Geography
By Gregory, D.
CARLI eBooks from EBL
Approaches to Human Geography
By Aitken, S.
CARLI eBooks from EBL
Practising Human Geography
By Cloke, P.J.
CARLI eBooks from EBL
Spaces of Geographical Thought:  Deconstructing Human Geography’s Binaries
By Cloke, P.J.
CARLI eBooks from EBL
Politics of Globalization
By Dasgupta, S.
CARLI eBooks from EBL
Globalization and Language Vitality:  Perspectives from Africa
By Vigouroux, C.B.
CARLI eBooks from EBL
Learning in the Global Era:  International Perspectives on Globalization and Education
By Suárez-Orozco, M.
CARLI eBooks from EBL
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