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FCS 1000::Decades Assignment

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Reference books
The following list  of titles are reference books, all of which provide information on American history by the decade. They are shelved in call number order ("Ref NC998.5.A1 A1," etc.) in Booth Library's reference room, 3000 Level (3rd floor).  Anything shelved as "Ref Desk" can be checked out for use anywhere in the building. Ask at the Reference Desk. The links take you to the catalog record where you can browse more information about the book. 
All American Ads (9 vols)  Ref NC998.5.A1 A1
American Decades: also available online Ref E169.12 .A419 1994      
American Decades Primary Sources Ref E169.1 .A471977 2004
American Food by the Decades Ref E169.12 .A426 2011x
Salem Histories: also available online by decade (see below)  Ref E169.12 .S243
St. James Ency. of Popular Culture (5 vols) Ref E169.1 .J3 2013
This Fabulous Century (7 vols)  Ref E161 .T55
Timetables of History Ref Desk D11 .G78 2005
Timetables of Technology Ref Desk T15 .B73 1993
20th Century Pop Culture (6 vols) Ref E169.12 .E65 2001
U.S.A. Sixties Ref E169.12 .U17 2001


Journals available by decade
Click on the following links for lists of journals which were published during a particular decade and which provide articles and ads dealing with society and pop culture at that time.   Print journals are located on the 1000 Level (1st floor) of Booth Library.

The principal research journal for FCS is the Journal of Family and Consumer Sciences.  Before 1994, it was called the Journal of Home Economics

This title can be accessed online from 1909 through 1997.  Print copies are available from 1909 to present (with the exception of 1977-1986, which are on microfilm) under this call number:  TX1 .J7
Online resources
American Decades books

Each volume of American Decades provides a survey of life over a particular ten-year period.  Each book is divided into chapters such as The Arts, Fashion, Government and Politics, Lifestyles and Social Trends, Medicine and Health, and more.  These books are available in print (see at left) as well as online.

Decades histories from Salem Press

​Salem Press has published a series of books providing information on history by decade.  Booth Library has these books in print (see at left) as well as online.  In addition, the links below will provide access to additional Salem Press books, such as Great Events in History, Great Lives, Milestone Documents and Great Athletes.

Twenties in America
Thirties in America
Forties in America
Fifties in America
Sixties in America
Seventies in America
Eighties in America
Nineties in America
2000s in America