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E-Books: A Guide to Different Platforms

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E-Books in the EIU Online Catalog
All E-Books, regardless of what type, will show up in the EIU Library Catalog with an "eBook" icon.  It is important to click on the title of the E-Book to show available options for accessing the E-Book.  Clicking on the other link, "Get it online" might not allow access to the book.

Clicking on the E-Book title will bring up the catalog record for the E-Book.  Look at the very bottom of the record where "Location and Availability" will be highlighted.  Access provided by the library will be noted in the "Online Access" portion.

My Media Mall
You can get to books from My Media Mall through the "online access" link in the EIU Library Catalog or directly from  You will need to select "Eastern Illinois University" from the list of participating libraries and enter your 14 digit library number (located on your panthercard).  Books can be downloaded onto a variety of e-readers or read directly on the screen.  Only one person at a time may read an E-Book, but there are often several copies of each E-Book available. 

See more detailed instructions here.

EBL E-Books
To read an "eBook from EBL," follow the "Connect to eBook" link. You will then login with your EIU username and password. Books can be read directly online or downloaded and read using Adobe Digital Editions.

Springer E-Books
Springer E-Books are accessed through "SpringerLink" in the online catalog.  If you are off-campus, you will need to login with your EIU username and password.  Entire books can be downloaded as PDF files.

HathiTrust E-Books
HathiTrust is an online library that houses digitized copies of books.  Most of the books are in the public domain, meaning that they are older and their copyrights have expired.  Books can be read directly from the screen or single pages can be downloaded as a PDF.  In limited cases, whole books can be downloaded as a PDF.  Clicking on "HathiTrust Digital Library" will open the book.

EBSCOhost E-Books
EBSCOhost E-Books can be accessed through the "EBSCOhost" link in the online catalog.  Books can be read directly online through the "eBook Full Text" link.  You may also download books in a PDF format for 7 days, but you are required to create an account in EBSCOhost.  E-Books may only be read by one person at a time.


Get Help
For help accessing e-Books, contact
Different Types of E-Books
There are many different types of E-Books in the EIU Library Catalog. The most common platforms for E-Books that you will encounter include:
Each platform will look different.  Please follow on screen instructions to open E-Books.
Limiting Searches to E-Books
Search results can be limited to E-Books by selecting "Electronic Books" under the Location heading on the right hand side of your search results.  Searches can also be limited to HaithiTrust items or EBL E-Books.