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Health Concepts and Curriculum Development for Teachers

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Resources for Health Education
Health Behaviors
Books and Ebooks
Health Education Credentialing
Health Education and Promotion
Illinois Standards and Guidelines
Illinois Learning Standards: Physical Development & Health
Sex Education Guidance Document

Health Promotion for Children and Adolescents
Teaching environmental health to children: An interdisciplinary approach

Tools for teaching health: Interactive strategies... - RA564.5 .W46 2007 SHELVED IN BTC
Health Communication - Online Tools
CDC Clear Communication Index is a research-based tool to help you develop and assess public communication materials
CDCynergy Lite -  assists you in developing, implementing, and evaluating an effective social marketing plan
Chronic Disease Cost Calculator
Health Literacy Universal Precautions Toolkit
High School Health Textbooks
All textbooks are shelved in the Ballenger Teachers Center, 3000 Level
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Essential health. Instructor's edition - RA440 .S26 2015x
Glencoe health - RA776 .B776 2011x
Health: Making life choices - RA776 .S6424 2010x
Health & wellness - RA440 .M448 2008x
School Health
Books and Ebooks
Special Topics
Active Shooters and Drills
Article Lauren Rygg, School Shooting Simulations: At What Point Does Preparation Become More Harmful than Helpful?, 35 Children's Legal Rights Journal 215 (2015). Available at:

Books, Ebooks, and Videos
Books and ebooks
Food Secuirty
Books and ebooks
Grief, Death, and Trauma
Curriculum and Video
The Courage to Remember Curriculum Guide
Accompanying video is linked to this page.

Books, ebooks, and Videos
Health and Education Disparities
Health disparities are preventable differences in the burden of disease, injury, violence, or opportunities to achieve optimal health that are experienced by socially disadvantaged populations. Populations can be defined by factors such as race or ethnicity, gender, education or income, disability, geographic location (e.g., rural or urban), or sexual orientation. Health disparities are inequitable and are directly related to the historical and current unequal distribution of social, political, economic, and environmental resources. Definition from Community Health and Program Services (CHAPS): Health Disparities Among Racial/Ethnic Populations.

Web Resources
Adolescent and School Health - Health Disparities - Centers for Disease Control

American Psychological Association, Presidential Task Force on Educational Disparities. (2012). Ethnic and racial disparities in education: Psychology’s contributions to understanding and reducing disparities. Retrieved from

Status and Trends in the Education of Racial and Ethnic Groups 2016 - National Center for Education Statistics

Books and ebooks
LTBTQ+  lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (and/or questioning). + includes Asexual, Aromantic, Non-binary or Genderqueer, Pansexual, and other sexual/gender minorities


Becoming who I am: Young men on being gay - HQ76.27.Y68 S28 2016
In a Queer Voice - HQ76.27.Y68 S23 2013
Queer: The ultimate LGBT guide for teens - HQ76.27.Y68 B45 2011bx
That's so gay!: Microaggressions and the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community - HQ73 .N24 2013
"You can tell just by looking": And 20 other myths about LGBT life and people - HQ75.5 .B7596 2013

LGBT+ in School
Dignity for all: Safeguarding LGBT students - LC192.6 .D48 2012 SHELVED IN BTC
LGBTQ youth and education: Policies and practices - LC192.6 .M39 2014
Safe is not enough : better schools for LGBTQ students - On order


The invisible orientation: An introduction to asexuality - HQ23 .D43 2014x

Gender Identity
From the dress-up corner to the senior prom : navigating gender and sexuality diversity in preK-12 schools - LC212.9 .B79 2012
Gender outlaws: The next generation - HQ77.9 .G39 2010
Nobody passes: Rejecting the rules of gender and conformity - HQ77.9 .N635 2006

Beyond magenta: Transgender teens speak out - 306.76 K958be SHELVED IN BTC
Trans bodies, trans selves: A resource for the transgender community - HQ77.9 .T714 2014
Transgender 101: A simple guide to a complex issue - HQ77.9 .T45 2012
The Transgender Child - HQ77.9 .B75 2008

Online Video
Coming out trans
Transgender stories  
Mental Health and Neurodiversity
Neurodiversity n. individual differences in the organization and function of the nervous system. (Oxford English Discionary).

Adolescents and adults with autism spectrum disorders
Handbook of culturally responsive school mental health
Handbook of School Mental Health
Mental health screening at school
A practical guide to implementing school-based interventions for adolescents with ADHD
Preventive mental health at school: Evidence-based services for students

Ethical decision making in school mental health - LB3430 .R34 2011
Handbook of evidence-based practices for emotional and behavioral disorders: Applications in schools - LC4801 .H345 2014
School-based mental health: A framework for intervention -   LB3430 .L44 2013
Support for students exposed to trauma: The SSET program - LB3430 .J39 2009 SHELVED IN BTC

Government Documents
Depression and high school students: Answers to students' frequently asked questions about depression 4 page handout
Mental Health Information from the National Institutes of Health Covers 24 topics

Lesson Plans
Making Sense of Mental Health: Past and Present
Neurodiversity: Negotiating the World… Differently 
Nutrition and Physical Activity
School Nutrition and Activity: Impacts on Well-Being


Health matters: The exercise and nutrition health education curriculum for people with developmental disabilities - RC570.2 .M37 2010

Government Documents
Choose the foods you need to grow: 10 tips for teen guys - one page tip sheet
Dig in!: Standards-based nutrition education from the ground up: Ten-lesson unit with learning activities...

Teaching Kits
Bodyworks: A toolkit for healthy teens & strong families - RJ47.53 B538 2009x SHELVED IN BTC request delivery
The Power of Choice: Helping youth make healthy eating and fitness decisions - RJ235 .P68 2010x SHELVED IN BTC request delivery

Action for Healthy Kids - healthy eating, physical activity and healthier schools
Healthy Schools Campaign -
healthy environments, nutrition, physical activity
Let's Move! - healthy food and physicay activity
Books, Ebooks, and Videos
Sexual Health and Education
Illinois Guidance Document
Illinois Sex Education Guidance Document

Sex Education

Sexually Transmitted Infections
Behavioral interventions for prevention and control of sexually transmitted infections
The New Public Health and STD/HIV Prevention

Sexual Violence
Sexual Violence and Abuse: An Encyclopedia of Prevention...

Online Video
Abstinence comes to Albuquerque 

Engaging, educational, age-appropriate, often humorous sex education videos for children, ages 4 to 14.
Special and/or Marginalized populations
Books, Ebooks, and Videos
Substance Use and Abuse
Smoking Prevention and Cessation
Substance abuse treatment and the stages of change: Selecting and planning interventions

Books - Online Students can request delivery of these books
Social Norms Approach to Preventing ... Substance Abuse - HV4999.Y68 S653 2003

Government Documents
Marijuana: Facts for Teens 24 page booklet
Preventing adolescent depression and suicide among Latinas

Books request book delivery
Stay: A history of suicide and the philosophies against it - HV6545 .H372 2013
Suicide and Mental Health - RC569 .N93 2014

Government Documents
Increase in suicide in the United States, 1999-2014 Eight page statistical report
Preventing suicide: A toolkit for high schools - Hard Copy in IL docs, HE 20.402:SU 3/3/2015
Suicide: A major, preventable mental health problem One-page fact sheet

Online Video
A Deathly Silence
Understanding and preventing suicide

National Suicide Statistics At A Glance
Suicide FastStats
Suicide America's Health Rankings, ranked by state
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