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Library of Congress Classification System

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The Library of Congress Classification System
Like most academic libraries in the United States, Booth Library organizes most of its collections according to the Library of Congress (LC) Classification System.  Within this system, items are organized by broad subject area and given a unique call number, which you'll find on labels on the item's spine or front cover. This means materials on the same subject tend to be shelvedin the same area. The first letter or letters on the spine label represent the subject area that the item falls into.  Here's a short guide to what the different letters stand for. For a more detailed breakdown, see the Library of Congress website. 

Map It!For specific locations, see the Booth Library map, or use Map It! to locate a specific call number.  Items in the Book Stacks are shelved as follows:

Items with call numbers beginning with...
A - H:  3000 level South (3rd floor)
J - L:  2000 level South (2nd floor)
M - N:  4000 level (4th floor)
P - PQ:  1000 level North (1st floor)
PR - Z:  1000 level South (1st floor)
Link to detailed class guides
A    General Works
B    Philosophy, Psychology, Religion
C    Auxiliary Sciences of History
D    History: General and Old World
E-F    History: Western Hemisphere
G    Geography, Anthropology, Recreation
H    Social Sciences
J    Political Science
K    Law
L    Education
M    Music
N    Fine Arts
P    Language and Literature
Q    Science and Mathematics
R    Medicine
S    Agriculture
T    Technology
U    Military Science
V    Naval Science
Z    Bibliographies
two page PDF guide to classes
document image thumbnail The links in the box below will take you to a detailed guide to the LC class of the linked letter. For a fast review of all the LC classes, see this two page pdf: two-page LC Classes PDF pdf
subjects and the corresponding LC class
If you are looking for this subject... look in this call number area...


   Agriculture    S
   Anthropology    G
   Art    N
   Astronomy    QB
   Biology    QH
   Botany    QK
   Business    H-HJ
   Chemistry    QD
   Economics    HB
   Education    L
   Encyclopedias    AE
   General Works    A
   Geography    G
   Geology   QE
   History, General
   and Old World
   History, Western
   Languages    P
   Law    K
   Literature    PN-PS
   Mathematics    QA
   Medicine    R
   Military Sciences    U-V
   Music    M
   Philosophy    B
   Psychology    BF
   Religion    BL-BX
   Sciences    Q
   Social Sciences    HM-HX
   Sports & Recreation    GV
   Technology    T
   Zoology    QL