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Native American Cultures

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Native American Cultures
Native American Cultures

This guide is intended to provide supplemental readings and research support for Anthropology 3691, Native American Cultures. The current syllabus is found on Dr. Holly's faculty profile page. 

All resources on this guide are available to all EIU students, staff and faculty.
Materials found here are not restricted to ANT 3691. 

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Course Reading
Course Readings

Listed below are required texts. The linked title goes to the library catalog record for the book indicating where they are available in the I-Share system (86 libraries across Illinois) from which you are able to request the book if Eastern's copy is out. The second link, labeled criticism, goes to a short list of critical works about the required text. It is by no means exhaustive and is offered as a first step.

book cover image

Salisbury, Neil (editor). The Sovereignty and Goodness of God. Bedford/St. Martin’s, 1997. (pp. 63-112)
Here are some citations to scholarly criticism of this work.

Neihardt, John G. Black Elk Speaks. University of Nebraska Press, 2004.
Here are some citations to scholarly criticism of this work.

Smith, Paul Chaat. Everything You Know About Indians is Wrong. University of Minnesota Press, 2009.
Here are some citations to scholarly criticism of this work.
Search Tips...
Search Tips

​Selected useful subject terms (aka topics):
The terms and phrases below can be particularly useful tools when searched in databases as a phrase, in quotes (i.e. "Indians in motion pictures"). The list below are universally applied Library of Congress headings, searchable in databases as well as the library catalog. Links go to catalog search results for those subject headings, or "topics" as they are labeled in the catalog.

screenshot image of catalog searchIndians of North America Ethnic identity
Indians of North America Cultural assimilation
Indians in Mass Media
Indians in popular culture
Indians in Motion Pictures
Indians of North America
Indians, Treatment of

Note:It can be highly effective to combine any two or more of the terms above (or with any other keywords you come up with) in separate subject, topic, or keyword searches in the library catalog or article databases. Don't try to find the perfect search combination, perform multiple searches and select relevant results from each. Allow each subsequent search to inform your next attempt.

Search the library catalog:
(Results will display in a new window)
Reference Resources
Reference Resources

Use Reference Resources to get background information, to fill in your knowledge of a topic and to identify terms, names, events and concepts that will be helpful in your research. The library has many more resources than can be listed here, only a few are offered as starters. Ask A Librarian for help. 

cover image of Praeger handbook on contemporary issues in native americaHandbook of North American Indians

Gale Virtual Reference Library

SAGE Knowledge E-Reference

The Praeger Handbook on Contemporary Issues in Native America

Native America in the Twentieth Century, an encyclopedia

Encyclopedia of Native American Music of North America

Native America: A state by state historical encyclopedia

The A to Z of Native American Movements
Selected journals
Selected Journals

The following journals are held in print or electronically by Booth Library which means you have access to the entire articles.
If full-text is not available electronically or in print, articles can still be retrieved for you free of charge using the Interlibrary Loan service.
When in doubt about a title you have found, use the ISSN, (International Standard Serial Number) a unique identifier for that publication.

Ethnohistory (ISSN 0014-1801)

American Indian Quarterly (ISSN 0095-182X):
from 04/01/1974 to 10/31/2008 in JSTOR Arts & Sciences VII
from 1990 to present in Academic Search Complete

American Indian Culture and Research Journal (ISSN 0161-6463)

American Anthropologist (ISSN 0002-7294):
from 01/01/1888 to 12/31/2006 in JSTOR Arts & Sciences II
from 1997 to present in Wiley-Blackwell Full Collection 2013

Arctic anthropology  (ISSN 0066-6939):     
from 01/01/1962 to 01/31/2008 in JSTOR Arts & Sciences VI
from 01/01/1993 to 1 year ago in Academic Search Complete
from 2003 to present in Project MUSE - Premium Collection

Wicazo sa review (ISSN 0749-6427) (literary criticism mostly)
from 04/01/1985 to 10/31/2010 in JSTOR Arts & Sciences VII
from Fall 2000 to present in Project Muse - Premium Collection

Kiva: Journal of Southwestern Anthropology and History (ISSN 0023-1940)  full text through 2008. Consult ILL for newer issues

Plains Anthropologist (ISSN 0032-0447) full text through 2009. Consult ILL for newer issues
Journal homepage. no full-text.

Journal of Northwest Anthropology (ISSN 1538-2834) September 2010 to the present
Journal homepage: fully indexed, searchable. abstracts only.

Journal of California and Great Basin Anthropology (ISSN 0191-3557) full-text through 01/31/2008. Consult ILL for newer issues
Journal and Malki Museum homepage: tables of contents only, not searchable

Journal of American Indian Education (ISSN 0021-8731) Booth Library has microfilm for 1961-1971 and print volumes from 1970-present 
Journal homepage: 1961-2009 archive available in HTML and pdf full-text. Searchable citations and abstracts. 

Etudes Inuit. Inuit Studies (ISSN:0701-1008) Abstracts only (available through ILL). Searchable.
Northeast Anthropology Abstracts only (available through ILL) Booth Library has print volumes 69-76 .

Indian Country Today (Online Newspaper) Native & American Indian News, Culture, Music, Art and More ICTMN

Search the Booth Library periodicals list to check for access to a journal:
Selected Article Databases
Selected article databases

First Nations Periodical Index Search across twenty Canadian journals of indigenous studies. (citations only, no full text)

Project Muse


Indigenous Studies Portal

databases for Literature

databases for Arts

databases for Social Sciences

A-Z list of all databases accessible via Booth Library (100+)